Welcome to the Institute of Latin American Studies

The Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) is the UK's national centre for supporting and promoting academic research on Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Andean Studies Seminar
    10/02/16 - 18:00, Room 234 (Senate House)
  • Latin American Anthropology Seminar Series
    11/02/16 - 17:30, Room 234 (Senate House)
  • "Burguesia Chola"
    11/02/16 - 18:30, Room G37 (Ground Floor)

From October 2014, ILAS will offer a pathway degree through the MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights, convened by the Human Rights Consortium. This pathway will enable students who wish to focus on the human rights challenges, norms and developments specific to Latin America to specialise at an early stage in their academic career, strengthening their understanding of a unique and diverse region. This pathway will be particularly useful for those who are seeking a career in NGOs, international and intergovernmental organisations or in policymaking specifically related to Latin America. Students will continue to benefit from the MA in Human Rights’ interdisciplinary, practice-based focus, while focusing on their region of interest, enhancing their career prospects.

This pathway is subject to approval.

Find out more in our Postgraduate Study pages.