Improve the Impact and Visibility of your PhD Research for Free

Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Institute for the Study of the Americas, School of Advanced Study, is pleased to announce the creation of a new online collection of PhD and masters theses pertaining to the study of the Americas (north America, Latin America or the Caribbean). Comparative theses, or those focusing on foreign policy of states in the Americas, are equally welcome.

Completed theses may now be deposited, free of charge and in perpetuity, in the School of Advanced Study’s online research repository called SAS-Space.

The advantages of depositing your thesis with us are:

  • Increased impact: scholarly research freely available on the Web is cited over 300% more than research that is not. Your work will be more quickly disseminated throughout the world.
  • Allows the rapid dissemination of your research ahead of publication, which may be delayed by the review process.
  • All intellectual property rights and rights to your work for research and classroom use will be retained. Material licensed to appear in subscription databases may even be unavailable to its creator for use in their own classes and offices.
  • Depositing your work in SAS-Space ensures that you always have access to it.
  • Your work may be easily linked to from other websites.
  • Your work will be preserved in the long term, and you can avoid the consequences of data loss, server maintenance, and archiving problems.

How to deposit your thesis with us:

1. Download and complete this form
2. Sign, scan and email the form to us at along with a pdf of your thesis
3. Alternatively you may send the form by post with a CD  containing a pdf of your thesis
4. We’ll do the rest and let you know when your thesis is posted

For more information about SAS-Space, please click here.