Relaunch of the Latin American and Caribbean Research Portal

Friday 3 May 2013

The Institute for the Study of the Americas is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Latin American and Caribbean Research Portal, the searchable directory of academics, thesis, libraries and centres, formerly known as “The Handbook”.

We have redeveloped this directory in order to simplify the registration process, to improve the searching functions, and to increase its accuracy thanks to the addition of ORCID identifiers, and would like to invite you to re-register your details. It should take you less than a minute.

Please follow these simple steps to update your profile:

1. Follow this link  and select the adequate profile (student, library, academic, centre)
2. Input your contact details and click “create a new account”. Shortly afterwards, a password and logging instructions will be sent directly to your email.
3. Open the registration email and follow the link to access your new profile and input all relevant information, including your organisation, research profile, and countries/regions of research.
4. For future updates of your profile just log in into the portal at

We hope that you enjoy the new functions of the directory and look forward to hear your comments (or further queries) at