The Irma Diaries: Sharing Frontline Climate Change Stories to Save our Future

The Irma Diaries: Sharing Frontline Climate Change Stories to Save our Future
25 September 2018, 6.00pm - 9.00pm
The Senate Room, First Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Ms Angela Burnett , British Virgin Islands Climate Change Office

The Irma Diaries allows readers to live Hurricane Irma and its aftermath through 25 intimate survivor accounts. More than a fascinating record of a historic event, these harrowing, yet amazing and inspiring stories serve as an eye-opening glimpse of our dangerous future in a changing climate, a showcase of resilience and a powerful call to action.  

The Irma Diaries was written by Angela Burnett who has served as The British Virgin Islands Climate Change Officer for the past 10 years and who now seeks to use The Irma Diaries as a platform for global advocacy on climate change. The Irma Diaries’ storytelling approach is backed by cutting-edge research which finds that storytelling that “translates climate change risk into relatable and concrete personal experiences” is one of the best ways to enhance public engagement and action.

More about The Irma Diaries, Angela and her mission can be found at and through her TEDx Talk – How Hurricane Irma Can Save Our Future. 

The event will consist of a Presentation followed by a Reception.


Between 25 million to 1 billion people will be climate refugees by 2050,2 yet climate action remains slow. Hurricane Irma was an unprecedented climatic disaster becoming the most Googled term of 2017. On the heels of the anniversaries of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, The Irma Diaries European Speaking Tour seeks to share personal stories of survival in order to attract public and media attention to the real issue surrounding these unprecedented climatic disasters – climate change – and inspire global action. Drawing on her 10 years of experience in climate change adaptation and finance, the author will also use the opportunity to discuss these timely topics as a part of a broader discussion on climate action.  

The tour will be focused on the UK and Brussels through partnerships with leading institutions including CAN Europe, the National Centre for Development Cooperation - Belgium, the European Justice Foundation, BVI London Office and others. Additional partners are welcome.

The event is kindly organised by the British Virgin Islands and sponsored by The Eccles Centre.


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