Dancing the Andes: Andean Techniques of Otherness and Positionality

Dancing the Andes: Andean Techniques of Otherness and Positionality
27 February 2020, 5.00pm - 7.30pm
Room 944, UCL Institute of Education, Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, WC1H 0AL

Francisco Vergara, UCL

This work analyses the rhythm of a dance named Wifala, performed by the Folkloric Artistic Group Sacred Valley of the Incas. This group is one among many others that exist in the Region of Cusco, Perú, devoted to the making of traditional dances. The analysis of rhythm was done through participatory observation and structured interviews. Interviews sample the group’s understandings in terms of gender and roles. The results reveal that for the group, dance is a way of doing anthropology, a way of knowing and disseminating the ‘traditional,’ whereas rhythms are the ways in which ‘one’ can become that Other. In other words, rhythms became a pathway of embodying otherness. These results are discussed in light of two main topics. First, the relationship between rhythms and the Andean techniques of otherness. Second, how through dance and rhythms, people embed the ‘traditional’ on a temporal universe which interweaves the Andean and the modern and urban, and therefore, as a way of locating themselves rhythmically.

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