As part of the School of Advanced Study, the Institute of Latin American Studies s is funded to host conferences, seminars and other academic events that promote research on Latin America. We are unique in the UK in this respect.

As a result of this special position, we welcome ideas and applications for scholarly events, and can contribute experienced and professional staff to help you organise and execute every aspect of your event, including planning, liaising with services and managing your budget.

The University of London, centrally located in the Bloomsbury area with excellent transport facilities, offers an ideal option for academic Conferences, Conventions, Lectures and book launches. As part of the University of London, we have access to some genuinely impressive conference spaces in Senate House, and internal rates for catering, to help make your event a success.

To discuss your ideas, please call me on +44 (0) 20 7862 8871 or email

With warm regards

Olga Jimenez