Robin Humphreys Fellows

The Robin Humphreys Fellow is a distinguished associate of the Institute, usually with a diplomatic background in a country or countries of Latin America. Appointments are by invitation only and are for one to two years.

The current Robin Humphreys Fellow is Alan Charlton.

Alan Charlton was a British diplomat for 35 years. He served as Ambassador to Brazil (2008-2013), Deputy Ambassador to the United States (2004-08) and to Germany (1998-2000).

He was the British member of the Bosnia Contact Group and participated in the Dayton Bosnia peace Conference in 1995. He served in West Berlin before, during and after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1986-1990). He was earlier an Arabist, serving as First Secretary in Jordan and then on the Lebanon/Israel desk in the FCO and as Deputy Chief of the Cabinet Office Assessments Staff during the Iraq/Kuwait crisis of 1991. He was FCO HR Director from 2001-2004.

Alan studied at the universities of Cambridge, Leicester and Manchester. He worked as a teacher at a German Gesamtschule in Gelsenkirchen from 1975-77.

Having now left the Diplomatic Service, he advises De Montfort University and is an independent governor on the De Montfort board. He is an adviser to Universities UK on the Brazilian Science Without Borders scheme. He is an honorary professor at Nottingham University and has been lecturing in the UK and Italy on Brazil and on diplomacy.

Away from work, Alan has a passion for history, languages, sport and travel.