Britain and Brazil II: Political, economic, social, cultural and intellectual relations, 1808 to the present

On 10-11 March 2016, ILAS hosted the second two-day conference on Britain and Brazil, which examined the economic, political, social, cultural, and intellectual relations between the two countries since 1808. This period covers the strong trade links during the 19th Century, when Britain and Brazil were exceptionally close; the swing of hegemonic power towards the USA after the Second World War; and the emergence of Brazil as an important and influential regional and global power since the 1990s.

To read the report on the conference by Dr Asa Cusack (UCL and ILAS), please see the links below. For hard copies of the report, please contact  

Read the Report online [Free]

• Professor Leslie Bethell, Brazil Institute, King’s College London
• Mr Alan Charlton, Robin Humphreys Fellow, Institute of Latin American Studies
• Professor Linda Newson, Institute of Latin American Studies

• Dr Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação, University of Cambridge
• Dr Stephen Bell, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
• Geraldo Cantarino, Brazil Institute, King’s College London
• Dr Teresa Cribelli, University of Alabama
• Pedro Feitoza, University of Cambridge
• Dr Georg Fischer, Aarhus University
• Professor Diana Gonçalves Vidal, Universidade de São Paulo
• Dr Robert Greenhill, London Metropolitan University
• Dr Ana Margheritis, University of Southampton
• Dr Thomas Mills, University of Lancaster
• Joseph Mulhern, University of Liverpool and British Library
• Dr Joseph Smith, University of Exeter
• Thales Zamberlan Pereira, Universidade de São Paulo

Chairs and other participants
• Professor Colin Lewis, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
• Professor Anthony Pereira, Brazil Institute, King’s College London