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Edited by Antoni Kapcia and Linda A. Newson
30 January 2015
Political Leadership in a Partisan Era
Edited by Clodagh Harrington
1 October 2014
Edited by Helen Gilbert and Charlotte Gleghorn
30 September 2014
Indigenous artists frequently voice concerns over the commodification of their cultures, a process acutely felt by those living with the consequences of colonialism. This timely book, which features color illustrations throughout, examines the ways in which contemporary indigenous peoples in different parts of the Americas have harnessed performance practices to resist imposed stereotypes and shape their own complex identities. Essays by leading academics and practitioners show the vibrancy of a wide array of indigenous arts and cultural events in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Belize. As well as analyzing performance idioms, the authors trace the circulation of creative products and practices as...
Attitudes and Perceptions of Citizens at National and Local Level
Edited by Salvador Marti i Puig et. al
30 June 2014
Edited by Iwan Morgan and Philip D. Davies
1 July 2012
Changes, Continuities and Contradictions
Graciela Bensusan and Kevin J. Middlebrook
1 February 2012
Essays on Latin America in Honour of Jason Wilson
Edited by Claire Lindsay
1 January 2012
Peruvian Democracy Past and Present
Edited by John Crabtree
7 April 2011
The First Term in Context, 2005-2009
Edited by Adrian Pearce
7 April 2011
This volume reflects on the first administration of Evo Morales and his party, the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), the history of the movement, and Bolivian politics and society under the MAS since 2005. Morales has been widely touted as the first indigenous leader of a South American country since the European Conquest. The book originated in a November 2009 symposium, held when Bolivia's presidential elections were imminent, with the support of the Bolivia Information Forum at the Institute of the Americas (ISA) in London. It includes chapters from contributors to the symposium and additional essays commissioned from other leading experts. Contents 1. The Historical Background to the Rise of the Movimiento al Socialismo, 1952-2005 2....
The Exile of a Latin American Revolutionary
Fred Halliday
1 February 2011