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The Early Years
Torcuato S.Di Tella
1 February 2002
Edited by Guy Thomson
10 January 2002
The Political Economy of Open Regionalism
Edited by Victor Bulmer-Thomas
1 September 2001
The International Promotion of Judicial Reform
Edited by Pilar Domingo and Rachel Sieder
1 September 2001
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Salvador Marti Puig and Salvador Marti i Puig
8 January 2001
Rodo and "Ariel" One Hundred Years on
Edited by Gustavo San Roman
1 January 2001
A Directory
Alan Biggins and Valerie Cooper
1 January 2001
Edited by Peter Lloyd-Sherlock
1 December 2000
Madeleine Davis
30 November 2000
Civil Conflict in Nineteenth-century Latin America
Edited by Rebecca Earle
10 October 2000