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Edited by Peter Wade, James Scorer, and Ignacio Aguiló
September 30, 2019

Latin America’s long history of showing how racism can co-exist with racial mixture and conviviality offers useful ammunition for strengthening anti-racist stances. This volume asks whether cultural production has a particular role to play within discourses and practices of anti-racism in Latin America and the Caribbean. The contributors analyse music, performance, education, language, film and art in diverse national contexts across the region.

The book also places Latin American and Caribbean racial formations within a broader global context. It shows that the region provides valuable opportunities for thinking about anti-racism, not least when recent political events worldwide have shown that, far from a 'post-racial' age...

Edited by Niall Geraghty and Adriana Laura Massidda
May 10, 2019

Creative Spaces: Urban Culture and Marginality is an interdisciplinary exploration of the different ways in which marginal urban spaces have become privileged locations for creativity in Latin America. The essays within the collection reassess dominant theoretical notions of ‘marginality’ in the region and argue that, in contemporary society, it invariably allows for (if not leads to) the production of the new.

While Latin American cities have, since their foundation, always included marginal spaces (due, for example, to the segregation of indigenous groups), the massive expansion of informal housing constructed on occupied land in the second half of the twentieth century have brought them into the...

Leslie Bethell
May 31, 2018

Leslie Bethell is the most respected scholar of Brazil of his generation. This has been recognized in Brazil by being made a corresponding fellow of both the Brazilian Academy of Letters and of Sciences. Perhaps best known for his book The Abolition of the Brazilian Slave Trade (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1970), Leslie Bethell’s scholarship has ranged widely not least in his editorship of the 12-volume Cambridge History of Latin America (1984-2008). In recent years he has continued to research the modern history of Brazil, much of which he has presented in invited lectures and Brazilian journals and remained unpublished in English until now.  In 2010 he presented a provocative paper in the...

November 1, 2014
This is the record of the sixth of the later series of Witness Seminars or Conferences held by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in conjunction with the Overseas Service Pensioners’ Association. The first four were designed to give OSPA members and other interested people an opportunity to share with an academic and non-academic audience their views and experiences relating to the end of the colonial period and the early stages of independence (the ‘End of Empire’), thus contributing to the overall Colonial Service record. The ‘witnesses’ in the fifth one were mainly people from the former dependent territories who themselves experienced the change from colonial rule to independence. This sixth ‘Conference’ relates to the later post-...
David Brighty, Andrew Palmer, Philip McLean, and David Ridgway
September 15, 2004
Torcuato S.Di Tella
February 1, 2002
Salvador Marti Puig and Salvador Marti i Puig
January 8, 2001
Leonardo Campos Filho
March 1, 1999
Ricardo Cicerchia
March 1, 1998
Edited by Maria D'Alva G. Kinzo
November 1, 1997