La Libertad

Project Phase: 

At the time of writing (October 2018), La Libertad Mine project was in the production phase at two open pit sites, Jabali Central and Mojon. B2Gold Corp.'s operations at the Jabali Antenna Underground deposit (near the Jabalí neighbourhood in Santo Domingo's city centre) was temporarily suspended due to "the onset of social conflict in Nicaragua" (B2Gold Corp., MD&A, June 2018). Production from this deposit was expected to begin in the third quarter of 2018 (Ibid).

La Libertad Mine has a long history of exploration and exploitation mining concessions, dating back to 1862, along with a history of small scale and artisanal production. The dates provided in this database focus on B2Gold Corp.'s operations, the most recent owner of the mine. For more information regarding the mine's historical ownership and production, see the Technical Report prepared by Gustavson Associates for B2Gold Corp., dated 27 March 2015 (full reference below). Note, La Libertad Mine was known as the Orosi Mine between 2007 and 2009.

Exploration Start Date: 
2009 (B2Gold Corp.)
Exploitation Start Date: 
2012 (Jabali Central, B2Gold Corp.)
Extraction Type: 
Open pit
Parent Company: Central Sun Mining Inc. (formerly Glencairn Gold Corporation) (Canada) (2006-2009)
Parent Company: B2Gold Corp. (Canada) (2009-present)
Subsidiary: Desarrollo Minero de Nicaragua S.A. (DESMINIC S.A.)
Natural Resource: 
Municipality, Department: 
La Libertad and Santo Domingo, Chontales
Central America

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