A postage stamp (printed in Trinidad and Tobago) dedicated to the West Indian Federation, showing Queen Elizabeth overlooking the Antilles, circa 1958


A significant body of materials within the collections focuses on the the post- or neo-colonial Caribbean. Featured here are numerous sources that focus on nation building’, political organisation, development, and their discontents - all in the wake of formal state independence. Thematic strengths include: regional integration, political parties and pressure groups, post-independence government administration and policy reports. Notable too is the extensive collection of speeches by and works on a number of Anglophone and non-Anglophone post/neo-colonial leaders. 

Key catalogue subject themes: 

Caribbean Area Democracy Caribbean Area Politics And Government Caribbean Area Postcolonialism


The West Indies Federation

The West Indian Federation was a short-lived union of ex- British West Indian states that existed from January 1958 until it was disbanded in May 1962. 

The CLR James Papers

  • A series of conversations documenting the potentiality and decline of the West Indian federation – including private letters to N Manley, Eric Williams, Kwame Nkrumah, Grantley Adams and others.  http://www.ulrls.lon.ac.uk/resources/ICS40.pdf

Regional Integration


Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Activists

The Senate house libraries Political Pamphlets archive holds a host of 20th Century political materials from across the Caribbean including manifestos, labour union pamphlets, political prisoner campaigning and copies of speeches. Below is an overview of these items - please consult the archive website for more info. http://polarch.sas.ac.uk/

West Indies Federation


Antigua and Barbuda

  • Political Parties Antigua And Barbuda Platforms – manifestos, pamphlets and policies [14 Entries] http://bit.ly/2tuxZ7v

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Political Parties Antigua And Barbuda Platforms – manifestos, pamphlets and policies [14 Entries] http://bit.ly/2tuxZ7v


  • Political Parties Bahamas Platforms – manifestos, pamphlets and bulletins [8 items] http://bit.ly/2uQbMog



  • Political Parties Belize Platforms - manifestos, pamphlets, speeches [10 entries] http://bit.ly/2tUjHfH


British Virgin Islands



Dominican Republic



  • Political Parties Guyana Platforms – congress addresses, pamphlets, manifestoes, press releases from various parties, unions and movements [422 items] http://bit.ly/2uQecTG



  • Political Parties Jamaica Platforms – manifestos, pamphlet, broadcasts, policies of parties, labour unions and other movements [112 items] http://bit.ly/2v2SOez


St Lucia

St Kitts and Nevis

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago


Post-Independence Administration

Harold Persaud Papers

  • Guyanese civil servant - the first archivist of the government of Guyana and Permanent Secretary in the Premier Cheddi Jagan’s gov 1962-6. http://www.ulrls.lon.ac.uk/resources/ICS176.pdf
  • Includes:
    • subject files on the Venezuela / British Guiana (Guyana) border issue, 1962-1964
    • notes, speeches, correspondence on the archives and heritage of Guyana, circa 1960-62
    • Report of the National Reconciliation Committee, 1965 September;
    • report of the conference of Caribbean countries, 1965 July;
    • Report of the Commission to Review Wages, Salaries and Conditions of Service in British Guiana, 1961

Notable Heads of State


Development and Policy Reports



  • The Govenernment of Guyana [ 34 items ] - reports on economic and social conditions, cooperatives, law, education, housing.  http://bit.ly/2utclDd
  • Guyana Venezuela Border Dispute [ 59 items ] http://bit.ly/2v3ffAg 

Trinidad and Tobago